The BMO Harris Pavilion, Summerfest lineup 2018

The BMO Harris Pavilion is located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, USA, It was with Miller Lite is situated close to the south end of the grounds has vast video screens along with a shaped seating dish. A lakeside bar and restrooms are strategically placed close-by.

BMO Harris Pavilion has highlighted craftsmen from overall classifications including great hip-hop, alternative, country, and classic rock. Craftsman already highlighted on this stage incorporate Cheap Trick, Chicago, Styx, Sheryl Crow, and Steve Miller Band.

Summerfest lineup 2018, June 27- 8 p.m.

Jethro Tull

Legendary classic British rock band, initially playing blues rock, the band later built up its sound to combine components of hard and people shake to fashion a dynamic shake signature.neups during that time including huge individuals. The member of the band is long-lasting guitarist Martin Barre, keyboardist John Evan, drummers Clive Bunker, Barriemore Barlow, and Doane Perry, and bassists Glenn Cornick, Jeffrey Hammond, and Dave Pegg. Jethro Tull has sold an expected 60 million collections worldwide.

Summerfest lineup 2018, June 29- 8 p.m.

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly was commonly known by his stage name Frankie Beverly & Maze, are an American quiet storm and soul playing music group based from in California, San Francisco, in the late 1970s. They have several types of single recodes on the small Gregar label. They have also worked with Capitol Records in 1976, They gained recognition after releasing his debut single ” Maze featuring Frankie Beverly”, in 1977. They have several types of single recodes including “Lady of Magic”, “While I’m Alone”,”Happy Feelin’s.

Summerfest lineup 2018, June 30- 8 p.m.

Rachel Platten

Rachel Ashley Platten commonly known by his stage name Rachel Platten, She is an American singer and songwriter. In 2003 and 2011 She independently released his two albums. In 2015 she worked with Columbia Records and released her debut single, “Fight Song”, which reached number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. She achieved “Daytime Emmy Award ” for his song ” Good Morning America” of a live performance song.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 1- 8 p.m

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Pat Benatar is an American actress, singer, and songwriter, formed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, U.S. She is the also winner of four-time Grammy Award, She has three gold albums and five platinum albums. “We Belong”, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”, “Invincible” and “Love Is a Battlefield” the Top 10 hits by the Pat Benatar.

Neil Giraldo is an American Film score composer and guitarist and husband of Pat Benatar from, Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 3- 8 p.m.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is an American iconic songwriter, singer, former television music competition judge, and multi-instrumentalist. Tyler is considered one of music’s most recognizable by the lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith. He is initially playing occasional piano, percussion, and harmonica..” Hits like “Janie’s Got a Gun,” I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” “Dream On,” and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” are the greatest singers of all time by Steven Tyler.

“Toys in the Attic ” and ” Rocks” two-hit hard rock albums released by Tyler as the lead singer of Aerosmith. four Grammy Awards he has won.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 4- 8 p.m.


Pixies are an American noise pop and Alternative rock playing music band, Based in Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 1986. The band consists of Joey Santiago (lead guitar), Kim Deal (bass, backing vocals), Black Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and David Lovering (drums).

Their sound has been categorized as punk rock, surf rock and is dominated by the use of dynamic “loud-quiet” shifts and song structures.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 5- 8 p.m

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Michael Jason Isbell is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Based in Lauderdale County, from Green Hill, Alabama. “Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit” was his second full-length album. Jason Isbell has collaboration with The 400 unit band and released the album.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 6- 8 p.m.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monáe Robinson commonly known by his stage name Janelle Monae, She is an American actress, more ap, record producer, songwriter, and singer. “The Audition” was the unofficial studio album by the Janelle Monáe. In 2010, She released his debut studio album ” The ArchAndroid”. She has worked with “Bad Boy Records” and released his first EP, Which archives then number 17 on the Billboard 200.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 7- 8 p.m.

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Easton Hayes is commonly known by his stage name Hunter Hayes, He is an American multi-instrumentalist, country music singer, and songwriter. He has also worked with “Atlantic Records Nashville.”. He gained recognition after releasing his debut album in 2011.

Summerfest lineup 2018, July 8- 8 p.m.

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick is an American Rock, hard rock and power pop performing group, Based in Rockford, Illinois, Founded in 1974. The group first achieved commercial success in 1977, for the release of their second album ” In Color”.

The band was consists of bassist Tom Petersson, vocalist Robin Zander, drummer Daxx Nielsen and guitarist Rick Nielsen. In 1979, Cheap Trick released their debut album. In 2006 the band was archived at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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